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At home with nature

The spring water fed, natural pond at st martin chalets in Salzburg Land

In the hush of the early morning, as the first rays of sunlight tiptoe over the mountain peaks, our favourite spot awakens. The water glistens like liquid crystal and the picturesque st martin chalets mirror on its surface. The air is charged with magic, the tranquil sounds of nature, a symphony of birdsong and water gently splashing. This is our favourite place, our sanctuary where you can surrender to the moment, letting your feet dangle in the cool embrace of the water, feeling the connection with the intact world around you. This the place where body and spirit intertwine, and the time stands still.

Refresh and relax - your holiday in Salzburg Land

That’s why all our guests love the natural pond with its quiet places to sit and reflect. The door from our bio sauna opens under the waterfall and toe dangling area! Nothing can compare to a plunge of ice-cold water after an intense Lungau style Finish sauna.

A natural biotope in st martin chalets in Salzburg Land

Not only our guests love the natural feature that we’ve lovingly created but also our many aquatic friends. The clear waters are home to hundreds of fascinating critters like snails, salamanders, frogs, tiny fish (we won’t mention Sydney, the resident grass snake!)

And best of all your kids will be gone for hours playing and observing this wonderful mini watery biosphere.



Submerse in happiness at st martin chalets in Salzburg Land