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Salzburg´s Lungau - where love meets nature

Sustainable holidays in st martin chalets in Salzburg Land

“Home is where our story begins “


We consider it an honour to reside in such an intact and beautiful part of the world and consider it our duty to preserve it. Salzburg’s Lungau is unique because it treasures the harmonious way of life of the past while embracing the present and forward-looking in its preservation of the environment and nature. With us, you can enjoy a very special sustainable holiday experience.

Your sustainable chalet holiday in st martin chalets

Our local farmer and small supermarkets provide you with delicious organic produce from across the Lungau region. Shop and buy locally, it’s all part of your Salzburg Land holiday experience. Before you arrive, we’ll send you a simple shopping list with common requirements like jam, milk, ham, cheese and eggs so all you need to do is tick which you’d like and send it back.

We don’t have a rubbish room, it’s a recycling room! There’s a bag for everything! It’s an incredibly easy and satisfying thing to do. You can drink the water straight from the tap in your chalet which comes from St Martin’s natural mountain spring. It’s better for you and tastes like nectar and just think of the plastic saved. We’ve even put a set of magical crystal stones into your glass jug which energise the water.

Natural materials and tradition at st martin chalets

The dream-like luxury of the chalet village adds to its special charm. We lovingly planned and built the 10 beautifully unique chalets in the traditional Lungau style with great attention to detail and minimum impact on the environment. We chose only local craftsman who put all their experience into completing the chalet village to the highest standard using natural materials. The modern energy-efficient chalets all boast underfloor heating and real sheep’s wool insulation which ensure cosy warmth in winter and cool days in the summer.

Mindfulness and authentic holidays in Salzburg Land

Mindfulness vacation – Free the mind and refresh the body in the midst of beautiful mountains, valleys and lakes in Salzburg’s Lungau, Austria! Lungau night skiies are the most awesome you’ll ever experience, you feel pea size when you look up and admire the dazzling starry sky!

We are surrounded by incredible nature that stretches for miles in all directions. Hike for hours during the day, without meeting a single soul, just surrounded by mountain peaks, wildflower meadows and lush green forests.

Do your bit and make your vacation sustainable in Salzburg Land