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The way we tick!

This is what makes st martin chalets in Salzburg Land that extra bit special

Inspired by the traditional Lungau way of life and the alpine pasture huts, the “Alms” which are harmoniously nestled into small groups and thrive sharing daily duties and the wonders of nature. At st martin chalets you’ll rediscover the simplicity of life without sacrificing the luxuries you deserve. We’ve created our own unique village in a village. A place where you can find yourself. Your home in Austria.

Embrace nature: Salzburg Land

Absolute peace is like a gentle embrace from nature. Experience the sunrise ritual at st martin chalets, a moment where time stands still and the world awakens only here, without the echoes of traffic or alarm clocks – just the pure melody of rippling water and birdsong. We’ve crafted an ambience where you can surrender to rhythm of nature, where your burdens will soon be forgotten and your focus shifts to what truly matters. At home in st martin chalets you’ll rediscover the company of your own soul. So, come and join us, and let the tranquility of Salzburg Lungau guide you back to the purest joys of existence!

The essence of a Salzburg Land alpine holiday

Your chalet is designed to provide everything you need and desire, but we’ve intentionally prioritized the essentials. Why not take time for a digital detox and flee the endless streaming options? We can even turn off your Wi-Fi if you like!! Instead, you’ll have the chance to truly connect with nature – whether it’s the first rays of sun filtering through your opened window in the morning, a wild mushroom and berry forage through the fragrant pine forests or savoring the evening sunset with a refreshing local beer in hand. Nature is not just our backdrop; it’s an integral part of your experience, waiting to be explored right outside your chalet door.

Sustainable tourism in st martin chalets in Salzburg Land

We’re incredibly thankful that we can call this most beautiful corner of the world our home. That’s why it’s so important for us to protect the nature and practice sustainability. When we built the chalets, we exclusively utilized (and re-used) natural materials ensuring a harmonious blend with the surrounding landscape.

It’s also the little details that truly make the difference here at st martin chalets. Enjoy the simple pleasure of using a glass jug filled with pure mountain water straight from the source through your tap, or the charm of an old-fashioned brewed filter cup of coffee, every choice is made with intention. We’ve made a conscious effort to minimize plastics and prioritize recycling, ensuring that your stay not only provides comfort but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability and preserving the natural beauty of Salzburg Lungau.

At home in nature holidays to Austria Salzburg Land!