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Free the mind and refresh the body

Mindfulness vacation - Free the mind and refresh the body in the midst of beautiful mountains, valleys and lakes in Salzburg's Lungau, Austria! Lungau night skiies are the most awesome you'll ever expereinece, you feel pea size when you look up and admire the dazzling starry sky!

We are surrounded by incredible nature that stretches for miles in all directions. Hike for hours during the day, without meeting a single soul, just surrounded by mountain peaks, wild flower meadows and lush green forests. Whether you stay at st martin chalets for a few days, a week or longer - in one of our 10 luxury chalets, the clean atmosphere and altitude of our region will leave you feeling invigorated, refueled and recharged.
There really is no better place to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family on a mindful vacation! Come and try for yourselves!


Winter hike – Winter holiday at st martin chalets
Free the mind and refresh the body in the midst of beautiful mountains – Holiday at st martin chalets

Mindfulness vacation & alpine relaxation

Escape the sress of everyday life!

Mountains are wonderful for the soul, their winding trails lead you off the beaten path of everyday life and allow you to escape from all obligations and worries!

You don't need meditation or yoga to notice the positive effects that nature and living in the great outdoors can have on your mind and body. Lungau belongs to Austria's largest UNESCO biosphere reserve for good reason, because the Lungau people appreciate local knowledge and a sustainable way of life in order to live side by side with the fauna and nature as well as preserving their rich cultural traditions.

Each one of the valleys in Lungau is unique thanks to the three different mountain ranges that converge in our high lying plateau - you can hike through moor meadows full of wildflowers on one day, enjoy a swim in a mountain lake at over 2,000 m the next day or perhaps you'd prefer a tough climb up the flanks of the towering peaks!

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Free the mind and refresh the body in the midst of beautiful mountains – Holiday at st martin chalets

Alpine health region

Feel how inner peace returns while you pamper yourself with wellness and spa treatments, away from the stress and strains of everyday life!

Try visiting the local baths in Tamsweg "Badeinsel" and the vitality and wellness center Samsunn in Mariapfarr or just overdose on the simple healing qualities of Lungau water. Awaken your spirits and free yourself from worries - your holiday in the tranquility and beauty of Lungau mountains is guaranteed to massage your soul and recharge your batteries.

Thanks to an agreement with Hapimag and several other hotels in St Michael im Lungau, our guests can book an appointment for a range of massages and treatments, from neck and full body massages to facials, manicures, and pedicures.

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Food & drinks – let yourself be pampered at st martin chalets

Eating healthy

Local gastronomy in Lungau

The Austrians themselves love a good feast and our guests too, love the Austrian cuisine. Lungau offers something for every taste. If you love organic and homemade products, then we recommend you walk in the summer to the mountain farm huts to sample their fresh milk, homemade bread, butter, cured meats and cheese.

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Winter holiday in Salzburg Land – Holiday in you own chalet in Lungau

Energy & Spiritual Places

Magical places in Lungau

For centuries, the picturesque and mighty mountains of Lungau have also been a place for pilgrimage routes. The most famous of them all is the St. Leonhardweg, which leads over 130 kilometers of well-marked paths through the wonderful scenery from Salzburg Cathedral to St. Leonhard's Church in Tamsweg.

Wonder at the 38 “energy cones” strangely erected on the side of a mountain above the Wildbachhütte in the Lessach Valley or enjoy the “Leisnitzer Wasserweg”, where many guests like to hike barefoot from St. Margarethen to the Schlögelberger Inn to discover the beauty and invigorating power of the bubbling, crystal clear mountain water.


Health, natural way of life and wellbeing

Positive effects on your well-being

Lungau is a center for health, natural way of life and wellbeing. The villages in the Lungau region all lie above 1,000m which promotes the production of red blood cells, improving your health and fitness. An active holiday in st martin chalets can have a lasting and positive effect on your wellbeing (we recommend refreshing your dose at least every two years!)

The “stimulating climate” health climate helps to treat various chronic diseases such as bronchitis and sinusitis (sinusitis), asthma caused by allergies, hay fever, skin diseases such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis (psoriasis), chronic joint infections (arthritis and rheumatism) and heart diseases.

In combination with healthy organic food and drinks as well as activities (even if its just stargazing!) you'll leave us feeling fresh and rejuvenated!

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Breathe in the magic and feel it's powers!

Visit us and immerse yourself in our unspoiled mountain environment.
You won't be able to help but relax and enjoy the wonders of the nature - that's what happens when you take a holiday at st martin chalets in Salzburg's Lungau ...

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Winter holiday in st martin chalets in Salzburger Lungau

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Travel safely to your well-deserved holiday

St. Martin

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What is there not to like?

What is there not to like? 5* accommodation, great hosts and more things to do than you can shake a stick at. Currently sitting in the Panorama Alm drinking coffee whilst brushing the fresh powder off the jacket.

P Ward, Surrey / UK

The greatest place for an action packed holiday

The greatest place for an action packed holiday, just to chill out or anything in between. So much to do in beautifull surroundings.

J Royston / via Facebook

Once you are in, you never want out

There is one problem with a St Martin chalet, once you are in, you never want out. Life is so easy with the food delivered, restaurants taken care of and in case you run out of wine a handy racks full at the reception. The comforts of your own home, the family around you, the amazing food of Lungau region, the laid back atmosphere and the magic scenery. We went twice and we are looking to return again and again and again.

A Samulewicz / Budapest

The BEST holiday ever

Jodi! thx a million. the BEST holiday ever. it was perfect. nvr thought perfection existed but yes it does. it was amazing. one line to describe it would be A whole new World – from aladdin. haha. it was mind glowingly beautiful. love u guys. can’t wait 2 get back for the snowboarding in winter!!

S Palanivellu / Singapore

Now, I have added another thing to my Bucket List: returning to st martin chalets!

I planned for almost a year to find the perfect place to complete the #1 item on my Bucket List. I had aspired to dive in the GrunerSee. st martin chalets made it come true. They were able to do anything that I needed or wanted. When I arrived, they had already contacted a divemaster for me (Leo Maierhuber was wonderful). The area is beautiful and the staff is wonderful. Now, I have added another thing to my Bucket List: returning to st martin chalets!

P Hallett / via Facebook