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Austrians are particularly proud of their food and Lungau is no exception. There are all kinds of restaurants available – from traditional guesthouses to pizzerias (we’re only an hour from Italy), modern European, organic food, pasta, steak and chips, or fine dining. Most of the hotels here have at least one restaurant at which passing trade is welcome, although some are better than others, and there are a number of dishes we think everyone should try at least once.

Lungau's Kasnocken – Local delicacies – st martin chalets

Lungauer Kasnock'n

If you’ve never had a Lungau Käse Spätzl (cheesy noodles with crispy onion sprinkles) you haven’t lived!

Kaiserschmarrn – Local delicacies from Salzburg, Austria – st martin chalets


Kaiserschmarrn is literally ‘Emperor’s rubbish’ but actually roughly chopped pancake served with icing sugar and plum or apple sauce.

Lungau's Brettljause – Local culinary – st martin chalets

The local 'Brettl Jause'

This is basically a smorgasbord of local hams, meats, cheeses, pickles and butter, all served with freshly baked bread rolls. All you need is a big knife and your fingers… it’s a local favourite and definitely one to try.

Food & drinks – let yourself be pampered at st martin chalets

Summer ‘Alms’ and Traditional Ski Huts

Traditional delicacies

If you’re here in the summer, you’ll definitely want to visit one of the local farms or ‘Alms’ (usually at the top of a mountain!). Here you can discover some truly wonderful home-made cheeses, cured meats and hand-churned butter. It might sound unhealthy, but it’s just what you need after a long hike and bike ride. Likewise in the winter month the ski huts actually serve real home-cooking. Picture yourself sitting at 2000 metres, sunning yourself on the sun terrace with a cold beer and a plate of home-made delicacies. It just doesn’t get any better.

Our Guest Services

Let yourself be pampered

Our self catering service starts before you even get here. We’ll do a shop for you so that, when you arrive, your fridge and cupboards are already stocked up with fresh, delicious produce from across the Lungau region and our local farmers. After all, who wants to arrive to an empty fridge?! Before you arrive, we’ll send you a simple shopping list with common requirements like jam, milk, ham, cheese and eggs so all you need to do is tick which you’d like and send it back. We charge a minimum fee for this service – we’ll simply add the cost of the goods your order to your end of stay bill.

Fresh bread delivery in your holiday – st martin chalets

Fresh Bread Delivery

We’ll also deliver fresh bread every morning – if you want it of course. The Austrians are wonderful bakers and their iconic ‘semmel’ rolls are a real favourite with our guests. Prior to your stay we will ask you how many bread rolls you’d like delivering throughout your stay. This can be adjusted at any time throughout your stay. If you’re feeling really naughty, there are all kinds of sweet pastries available too (let’s face it, you’ve probably earned it after a day on the slopes!). We recommend anything with ‘Topfen’, a kind of cream cheese, or with poppy seeds in icing sugar. Delicious!

Self-catered chalet – Wine cellar – st martin chalets

The SMC Wine Cellar

Our wine merchant regularly holds wine tastings in the resort and in the winter we generally keep a tub of glühwein simmering! We also have our own wine cellar, stocked with some fab Burgenland Austrian wines (which, if you haven’t tried them, are really rather good!) that you’re welcome to purchase from reception or order them prior to arrival.

Food & drinks – let yourself be pampered at st martin chalets

Grocery Delivery

We can also help you arrange food deliveries once you’re in the resort. If we’re doing a shop mid-week we’ll happily collect some provisions for you too. There are also a number of home delivery services available (yes, even in Lungau!). We have menus in the reception and, if you’d rather not run the gauntlet of the Austrian take-away service, we’ll happily make a phone call for you!

Winter holiday in st martin chalets in Salzburger Lungau

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What is there not to like?

What is there not to like? 5* accommodation, great hosts and more things to do than you can shake a stick at. Currently sitting in the Panorama Alm drinking coffee whilst brushing the fresh powder off the jacket.

P Ward, Surrey / UK

The greatest place for an action packed holiday

The greatest place for an action packed holiday, just to chill out or anything in between. So much to do in beautifull surroundings.

J Royston / via Facebook

Once you are in, you never want out

There is one problem with a St Martin chalet, once you are in, you never want out. Life is so easy with the food delivered, restaurants taken care of and in case you run out of wine a handy racks full at the reception. The comforts of your own home, the family around you, the amazing food of Lungau region, the laid back atmosphere and the magic scenery. We went twice and we are looking to return again and again and again.

A Samulewicz / Budapest

The BEST holiday ever

Jodi! thx a million. the BEST holiday ever. it was perfect. nvr thought perfection existed but yes it does. it was amazing. one line to describe it would be A whole new World – from aladdin. haha. it was mind glowingly beautiful. love u guys. can’t wait 2 get back for the snowboarding in winter!!

S Palanivellu / Singapore

Now, I have added another thing to my Bucket List: returning to st martin chalets!

I planned for almost a year to find the perfect place to complete the #1 item on my Bucket List. I had aspired to dive in the GrunerSee. st martin chalets made it come true. They were able to do anything that I needed or wanted. When I arrived, they had already contacted a divemaster for me (Leo Maierhuber was wonderful). The area is beautiful and the staff is wonderful. Now, I have added another thing to my Bucket List: returning to st martin chalets!

P Hallett / via Facebook